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GT Global Reach: adding another timely programme to our menu of services

Posted on 10 Mar 2017 10:21 UTC

GT Global Reach: adding another timely programme to our menu of services

GT Global Reach is Going-there’s answer to clients who need to increase their global footprint without setting up costly offices all over the world.  How does it work?

During the course of a move, employees will have questions about policy, benefits and entitlements and will be looking for timely answers. These aren’t easy to find when assignees have to connect with an RMC representative or a Human Resources Manager who is in a different country and time-zone.  Slow response times can cause anxiety and frustration for assignees and create a perception that your RMC doesn’t have the local representation needed to support them. 

GT Global Reach turns our people on the ground into your people on the ground -carefully recruited from within our own teams and comprehensively trained in your and your clients’ policies. When an employee has a question, it can be answered immediately. And we keep your portal up to date so you always know what’s going on. Another industry first from Going-there.

All Going-there Destination Consultants in the programme will be CDCP-qualified. That is, they will have undertaken comprehensive Destination Consultant training on which they are tested before certification.  So you can be confident that the team applying your company’s policies and processes are already qualified and experienced professionals.

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Cara Butler Vice-President, Client Development, of Going-there. Based in Dallas, she has been instrumental in developing global reach programmes with relocation partners. Contact Cara via cara.butler@going-there.com or on +1 713 515 4687.