Our new Virtually-there service enables full destination services to be provided in complete safety to transferees and assignees

Corporate Services

What are Destination Services?

Destination Services ensure a soft landing for an employee when he or she is transferred to a new city, foreign or domestic. 

Going-there takes care of everything from finding a house, identifying an appropriate school and converting a driver’s licence to locating English-speaking health professionals and ensuring local compliance and diligence. We clear the path to a host of resources designed to help the employee return to productivity quickly.

Every year we provide solutions for hundreds of companies relocating employees around the world and directly support thousands who are moving. We make it easier for Global Mobility Professionals who manage multiple relocations, delivering to the same service and reporting standards globally. So, whether your assignees/transferees are heading from Paris to Beijing, Mexico to Montreal or Berlin to Houston, we're with you all the way.

You'll find our approach refreshingly uncomplicated.

Here are just some of the programmes we offer:

Orientation - GT provides support  and guidance based on the assignee/transferee and their families' needs as they get their bearings in their new city.
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Airport Meet and Greet - Our Destination Consultants offer a warm welcome and ensure a smooth landing.
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Short-term Housing - Going-there's experts can locate and arrange quality temporary accommodation
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Home Search - we'll offer full support and work as an advocate for assignees/transferees while searching for their new home.
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Settling-in - our Destination Consultants  take care of all the essentials of life in a new city.
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Educational Assistance - Going-there's experts offer in-depth advice about the best schools the city has to offer.
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Partner Support - support and advice from our experts during that difficult transition period.
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Tenancy Management - our locally-based Destination Consultants take care of all your property-related issues.
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Departure Services - Going-there will ensure  there are no loose ends when the Assignment is finished.
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  • “Our Destination Consultant provided a great level of support and assistance with her deep local knowledge of the real estate market. She has been very open and flexible to accommodate our requests and needs. It has been a great pleasure working with her” Executive, relocation to Shanghai
  • “Our Destination Consultant was indispensable during our transition. He was exceptional: organized, amazingly knowledgeable, courteous, funny, and thorough. He made our transition exceptionally smooth. Top-notch service. ” Business Consultant, relocation to Berlin
  • “Our Destination Consultant understood what we were looking for and she really knows how to help newcomers. She is always willing to help in any possible way. Glad to have her as my Destination Consultant.” Environmental Engineer, relocation to Frankfurt
  • “The meeting and the last two days with our Destination Consultant exceeded expectations. She was instrumental in making me feel comfortable in my new home, registering me with the city office, buying a train pass, obtaining a phone, getting cash, finding grocery options, etc. I cannot imagine how I would have survived without her” Executive family, relocation to Tokyo
  • “My experience with Going-there has been excellent. I would say it was complete peace of mind and I never imagined search for a house in a new country and place will be made so easy and delightful.” Senior Executive, relocation to Dubai
  • “We found our Destination Consultant very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. My wife found the ladies luncheon very warm and welcoming. The pre-assignment visit was extremely worthwhile. We are excited to start our new adventure in al-Khobar” Minerals Engineer, relocation to Saudi Arabia
  • “Your approach truly assists in the moving process and is different to other services that are more reactive or put the onus on the moving party to sift through significant amounts of information and then make a decision themselves. My family and myself consider fortunate to be under your guidance.” Executive family, relocation to Houston
  • “Our Destination Consultant Mary went even beyond the call of duty to ensure we were settled in very well and quite efficiently. She's the best. ” IT Professional, relocation to Houston