Our new Virtually-there service enables full destination services to be provided in complete safety to transferees and assignees

Going-there Services during COVID-19

Posted on 25 Mar 2020 17:09 UTC

The spread of COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on everyday life. Many of us have already been confined to home and restrictions continue to tighten. But while assignees continue to move around the world or adjust to the changed conditions, Going-there remains 100% committed to the delivery of destination services to all assignees and their families. 

With health and safety our priority and where support can no longer be delivered in person, remote assistance is being provided by all of our global teams. However, while the mode of delivery may have changed a little, our focus and passion hasn’t wavered. Our key services are now delivered as detailed below.

Emergency Departure Services to assist in the COVID 19 crisis
Going-there has developed a program for clients whose assignees are opting to depart their host cities with little or no notice, in some cases leaving their house keys under the front door mat.

If you have any assignees in a similar situation, and need help, contact Kelly Burtar, VP Global Operations, email address: kelly.burtar@going-there.com.

Arrival Services
Arrival services have been suspended in the majority of locations. We continue to offer advice on local travel restrictions and conditions, market conditions and quarantine regulations where relevant. Where travel is permitted and safety can be maintained, we can also organise a secure pick-up from the airport and transport to the assignee’s accommodation.
We are also now ‘meeting’ assignees via Skype/WebEx conversations, Face Time interactions, telephone calls, email communications, for virtual tours, etc.
In summary:

  • Travel Advice (e.g. quarantine, travel routes, what to expect on arrival, etc.) - Yes
  • Airport Meet and Greet -  Suspended but, where practical, safe pick up will be organised
  • Virtual meetings/consultations - Yes

Home Search
We are now coordinating virtual property tours with landlords and/or current tenants. We recommend that assignees narrow down the list of properties they wish to visit in person by first viewing virtually via Face Time, Skype and Google Street search for overviews of neighborhoods.
Another measure we are taking to protect assignee health is to request specific details of the sterilisation process conducted by each landlord prior to a move-in occurring. This is also true of any temporary accommodation we arrange.  
In summary:

  • Property search and selection, housing and neighbourhood advice - Yes, we continue to provide assignees with available housing options
  • Virtual property tours - Yes, where possible based on local restrictions
  • Check with landlord re: property cleanliness - Yes
  • Accompanied property visits - Suspended but, where practical, arrangements for unaccompanied visits organised
  • Lease negotiations and reviews - Yes
  • Accompanied check-in and inventory - Suspended but inventories arranged with property management
  • Arrange change-over of utilities - Yes
  • Ongoing support (virtual) - Yes

Settling In Services
We are supporting remote registration where government offices have suspended face-to-face service, guiding assignees through every step of the phone or on-line process.
Where government offices are still open, many have an “essential person only” policy. If the assignee speaks the local language, our Destination Consultant will be deemed non-essential for these visits. We will therefore coach assignees before they attend appointments to ensure they know what to expect and take the correct paperwork. We can also support remotely during the appointment should any complications arise.
Our consultants are offering additional support to assignees. We’re here for them - if they just want to talk, get recommendations for food delivery options, better understand the specific mandates that may be in place or have any other day to day needs we can assist with.
In summary:

  • Welcome Pack with special attention to emergency numbers and procedures - Yes
  • Assistance with local compliance and registration, assistance with forms - Yes
  • Assistance with local utility services, health registrations, bank accounts - Yes
  • Assistance on transportation options, exchanging driving licences, etc. - Yes
  • Advice on local COVID-19 restrictions and guidance, delivery options, ongoing support, etc. - Yes
  • Accompanied registration visits - Suspended, but appointments can be made

Departure Services
Where travel is still permitted, we can arrange transport to the local airport so that returning assignees can travel home. We will also continue to oversee the signing-out process from the assignee’s property.
In summary:

  • Travel Advice - Yes
  • Liaison with property management, lease termination, deposit refunds, etc. - Yes
  • Accompanied check-out inventory - Suspended
  • Accompanied airport transport - Suspended but, where practical, safe transport will be organised
  • Virtual meetings/consultations - Yes


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